I went into the conversation wanting it to be great (aka insightful and actionable) but was a little skeptical. 30 minutes? What is really accomplished in this time frame? I had already done a lot of soul searching, experimenting and evaluation of what I wanted to do next (I’m a career changer) so I didn’t want to feel like I was starting from ground zero while someone who doesn’t know me catches up.

I spoke with Martin and my skepticism diminished. The conversation was what I wanted. I left having had some revelations and most importantly, an action plan for how to move forward. I appreciated that Martin listened and didn’t impose a forced or canned approach or response on me and what I was sharing. As a follow up he shared his notes and takeaways from the conversation. He also reminded me of what the specific next steps could/should be.

Looking forward to the process again and implementing his recommendations..

― Abigail