When I’m Not Writing, I’m Coaching!

Outside of this blog, I am a Career Coach with The Muse, working with people 1on1 to answer their career questions, build job search strategies, and prep for upcoming interviews.

My clients are ambitious, amazing people that I am honored to work with, and many of them have been kind enough to share the love right back. Each review makes my tail wag with happiness when I read it 🙂

Tail Waggingly Good Reviews!

Working with Martin was a truly outstanding experience. He is extremely easy to talk to and is maybe the best active listener I’ve ever encountered. If you are looking for someone to just talk to you for a few minutes and then do your resume for you, Martin is *probably not your guy. BUT if … Continue reading Leigh


Martin was very informative and offered great advice. He offered me a new way to think about things that seemed less daunting than what I had imagined. He was able to naturally infuse the conversation with his own personal experience, which was very useful to hear. He is very easy to talk to and asked … Continue reading Sophie


Martin knows how to channel his inner awesome, and helps you do the same. Here’s how: Asks you questions that allow you to process your achievements, goals, and successes in ways that make you more confident. Helps you understand that a resume is a collection of mini stories NOT a textbook sounding bore fest = … Continue reading Rachel


Martin was great, he spent the time to read the background email I sent him before hand so he was prepared for our 30 minute conversation. He was also very good at keeping the conversation on track. He followed up with notes from our conversation right afterwards as well as a week later to see … Continue reading Matt


I went into the conversation wanting it to be great (aka insightful and actionable) but was a little skeptical. 30 minutes? What is really accomplished in this time frame? I had already done a lot of soul searching, experimenting and evaluation of what I wanted to do next (I’m a career changer) so I didn’t … Continue reading Abigail


Martin was fully engaged with my questions and my development as a whole. He appreciates that I paid good money for advice, and found a happy medium between moving the conversation forward yet never rushing. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a 30 minute Q&A. Without giving away some of his points of focus, … Continue reading Stephen


I thoroughly enjoyed my call with Martin. He is an expert at helping you distill what it is that you’re all about and identify your “why”, an important first step in developing your personal brand and marketing yourself. He is very easy to talk to and an excellent listener, which is very critical for me … Continue reading John


Martin’s approach to the job search is holistic – he was quickly able to identify the narrative I want my career to take (even though I am just at its beginning). He is a great listener and he pushed me to be specific with this narrative and my interests. Martin then helped me to identify … Continue reading Victoria


I was a bit apprehensive about signing up for a coaching session, but working with Martin was great. He was very easy to talk to, he connected the pieces of my interests and personality into a personal narrative that I can continue to build on going forward. Additionally, he gave great tips on using Linkedin … Continue reading Jason


Outstanding! Relevant! I wrote three pages of Thank You notes. I had to slim them down to a one page email to Martin. I was motivated to take action on all his suggestions because they were all different, useful and led to creating a bigger picture of possibilities for my career.


I was pleasantly surprised how much Martin was able to cover in a little over 30 minutes. Martin was sincerely interested in uncovering my goals and objectives and he provided solid next step action items. He motivated me to take my desire for a career change to the next level. Thank you Martin!!!


Martin was great! He started the convo off immediately by targeting what I wanted to get out of our time. Everything from that point flowed easily, and was clearly in the context of my end goal. He probably saved me months of rolling the same questions around in my head.