Hi! I’m Martin.

I am the human in this picture…

career dogs martin sherlock

“You’re human?!”

I know, I’m disappointed too. Could you imagine how amazing it would be if a dog was typing this right now?!

I’d give that pup all the treats!

Alas, I am not a dog. I am a person who studies human behavior, pets dogs, and helps people get unstuck in their career.

My experience helping people prep and plan their careers goes back a decade to when I was a Residential Advisor at DePaul University in 2008.

Since then, I’ve been on every side of the hiring coin, from recruiting for a Fortune 500 brand, to working as a Career Coach at The Muse.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a lot of stories, strategies, and tips for how to approach the job hunt and achieve your goals. So, I launched this blog to capture all of that info in a centralized location to share with you.

Why dogs?!

Dogs keep things simple. They want the ball, they go get the ball.

They keep their focus on their goal and live easy-going happy lives.

Finding the right job is one of the most overwhelming things we all have to do in our lives. But, if we can learn a little from our K-9 friends and focus on the goal, we can get there faster and with less stress than we ever thought possible. Also…


Growing up, we had all sorts of animals, and I loved the dogs the most.

Here are two of them, Sherlock and the late-great Watson 🙂

Look at these cuties!


Don’t you just want to cuddle-up with those fuzzy faces?!

Thank you!

Thank you for coming by Career Dogs and checking out the site!

If you, or someone you know, is looking for help with your career development and upcoming job search, check out the articles, or set up a time through The Muse for us to chat 1on1.

Finally, if you’re wondering what kind of dog I would be if a dog were typing this right now. Well, according to Buzzfeed, I’m a Shiba Inu …sounds about right.

Martin McGovern Buzzfeed What Dog Are You

Find out what kind of dog you are!

Thanks for reading – woof!

Much Love,



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